Best in Neighborhood: Fort Point


Boston Magazine, “The 50 Best Restaurants,” November 2011

“It’s quirky, and we appreciate that dishes like strozzapreti with rabbit and picholine olives are so casually yet successfully presented.”



 Polenta with wild boar ragu“Don’t ask how much butter goes into this creamy cornmeal dish. It’s grits gone Italian, and it’s all the better for the porky sauce spooned on top.”


Boston Globe, “50 Best New Restaurants,” June 2011

“In the same Barbara Lynch complex as Menton [and] Drink, is this gleaming white tribute to lunch counters and modern Italian food. Seated on stools at u-shaped counters, diners at Sportello feast on grilled asparagus with fresh ricotta, tagliatelle bolognese, and wonderful desserts. When available, Sportello’s strozzapreti with rabbit and green olives is one of the best pasta dishes around. The fare is simple, the atmosphere laid-back…it’s the kind of place one can visit frequently.”



“Barbara Lynch’s European eatery-inspired Sportello is both delightfully simple and (as has become the norm with Lynch’s enterprises) incredibly good. Must-haves from the largely Italian menu include the sharable gorgonzola fondue with salumi, dates and roasted vegetables ($13) and the unexpectedly complex veal panini with carrot, olive and robiola ($13). Bonus: swing by the in-house bakery on your way out to grab fresh loaves of bread and apricot-ginger scones for the road.


Boston Magazine, “50 Best Restaurants,” November 2010

“…There’s no beating the dynamic duo of Barbara Lynch and Colin Lynch (no relation) for crafting artful, refined Italian comfort food. Start with a salad- any salad- to taste the sweetest, most tender produce in season. And do not miss the pastas; the gnocchi with porcini, peas, and cream; the trenette with rabbit ragu; or the mortadella filled agnolotti in a romesco sauce.”


Improper Bostonian, “Boston’s Best,” July 2010

“…Barbara Lynch’s pasta joint maintains loyal lunch, dinner, and just-added brunch crowds. Fans can’t get enough of her strozzapreti with braised rabbit and olives, pillowy potato gnocchi, and addictive salty sweets.”


Improper Bostonian, “Sweet Reward,” March 2010

“You can’t go wrong with cookies from the Italian diner’s dessert counter. Favorites include lavender shortbread, ginger cornmeal, and oatmeal-chocolate chip.”


Boston Magazine, “Where to Eat Now,” 2010

“Great for: A Solo Outing”


Boston Globe, August 2009

“…Sportello, a chic diner composed of a single serpentine bar in the Fort Point neighborhood, is pretty close to perfect. The trattoria-inspired menu is filled with handcrafted pasta dishes and every seat has a view of the gleaming, open kitchen.”


Boston Magazine, “Best of Boston,” July 2009

“It’s a puzzle, how Barbara Lynch can manage to launch four restaurants, a bar, and two retail operations, all in different genres, while preserving the quality and essential Lynch-ness of each. And so we come to her most casual spot, Sportello…no other startup exhibited so much polish out of the gate or such pitch-perfect sense of the way we’re eating now.”


Improper Bostonian, “Boston’s Best,” June 2009

“All the hype about No. 9’s prune-stuffed gnocchi, B&G’s glistening oysters and The Butcher Shop’s rillettes is well deserved but…with Sportello, [Lynch is] back to her roots. To experience her culinary expertise, order a bowlful of bigoli, strozzapretti, gnocchi, or bolognese-sauced pappardelle.”


Improper Bostonian, “Good Sport,” May 2009

“Dining here [is meant to be] a series of brisk, delicious hits of fresh salads, house-crafted pastas, entrees and desserts. We were in for a treat.”


Boston Magazine, “Dining Out: Sportello,” May 2009

“[The food is] worth going—and going back—for, and represents the bold, stylish classicism that has made Lynch a local and national treasure. Lynch’s love of the purity of Italian cooking and absolutely first-rate ingredients shines.”


Boston Herald, “Lynch’s Parlor Basking in Greatness,” April 2009

“With wooden stools, u-shaped, white lacquered counters, retro lighting fixtures and a bustling open kitchen and takeout counter, the place is parlor-gone-chic.”


UK Travel Channel, April 2009

“Sportello is as sharp an urban space as you could wish. In fact, it’s where you come to chow down on a lifestyle….the food…[is] as fresh and as delicate a take on regional Italian cooking as you could wish…You can’t hide in an open kitchen and here everything is chopped, sautéed, cubed, and cooked from scratch.”


The New York Times, “The Moment,” April 2009

“I was doubtful that I would warm up to the [whole] concept-for some reason it always works better in Italy…but a bite of food and a sip of wine later, it didn’t matter. What mattered was that the flavors popped and I was happy.”


Travel & Leisure, “Top 50 Restaurants,” April 2009

“This Fort Point dining counter from Barbara Lynch serves streamlined versions of the opulent Italian dishes that made her famous at No. 9 Park.”


Saveur Magazine, “Restaurants that Matter,” April 2009

“Sportello focuses laser like on what made Lynch a phenomenon and an inspiration, namely, pastas of a delicacy and subtlety of flavor that no Irish girl has any business knowing how to make.”


The Boston Globe, February 2009

“Chef-owner Barbara Lynch’s Sportello may be the perfect lunch spot…like the menu, the wine list is succinct, put together by the wise Cat Silirie, who heads the programs for all of Lynch’s restaurants. By the glass, you’ll find three reds and three whites, all unusual Italian grapes, all great with the food.”


The Improper Bostonian, January 2009

“Italian for ‘counter service,’ the eatery finds core inspiration from Lynch’s long-ago stint at a Brigham’s diner…the food is signature Lynch geared toward time-pressed diners.”


The Boston Sunday Globe Magazine, “Best of the New,” January 2009

“It looks like a gleaming-white mod diner, and it tastes like modern Italy.”


Improper Bostonian, January 2009

“[At Sportello] Lynch not only resurrects her velvety bolognese sauce, but punches up the dish with a gutsier combination of spaghetti-like bigoli strands punctuated with briny littleneck clams, creamy sea urchin and flecks of salty blue-fin tuna bottarga.”


Boston Magazine, Chowder Blog, November 2008

“This casual, affordable, smart, and just-adventurous-enough eatery is just what the city needs. Whenever I hear about an exciting new restaurant, I try to remember that, as a professional food editor, it’s important to maintain a critical distance, to stay skeptical, and keep the consumer in mind. Which is why I held off for all of four minutes before completely losing my mind at Sportello, Barbara Lynch’s ohmygodit’ssogoodyouguys new Italian lunch counter in Fort Point’s FP3 building.”