Kunal Datta, Chef de Cuisine

A New Hampshire native, Kunal attended Boston Architecture School in pursuit of a degree and career in architecture. However, it was his love of food that drew his creative instincts away from the world of architecture and towards a culinary career.

While on a break from architecture school, Kunal found himself working in a restaurant kitchen where he first discovered that he had a true knack for cooking.  Adapting to the world of engineering and architecture had always been challenging, but working in a kitchen felt natural.  After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, cooking brought Kunal to Las Vegas, where he spent three years working under Thomas Keller at Bouchon before moving back to the East Coast and finding a home in Boston.

Kunal has always loved food - not only the flavors and tastes, but how the sight and smell of certain foods and dishes evoke personal memories and emotions.  For Kunal, it was his mother's chicken curry which, without fail, stirs up fond, happy memories of his childhood.

In 2009, Kunal joined Sportello as a line cook, and was promoted to Sous Chef in 2011. In 2016, Kunal was promoted to Executive Sous Chef, and to Chef de Cuisine in 2017, where he is primarily responsible for the daily operations of the Sportello kitchen, as well as the coaching, educating and mentoring of its line cooks. When Kunal isn't at Sportello he is an avid biker and yoga enthusiast, and even brews his own beer!