Alex Nystedt, General Manager

Alex loves the restaurant industry for its universality – delicious food and gracious hospitality can be felt by all, regardless of background or upbringing.

Born in South Korea and adopted into an American family, Alex Nystedt grew up in Worcester, MA. Alex’s father noticed early on that Alex loved good food and being in the kitchen while his family cooked. Knowing it was an offer Alex wouldn't refuse, his father suggested a trade of Alex's dishwashing ‘chore’ for the daily responsibility of dinner preparation. This helped Alex get very comfortable with moving about a kitchen from an early age and familiarized him with the art of cooking.

In high school, Alex began to work in the kitchen of Tomasso Trattoria in Southborough, MA, an Italian restaurant that hand-made its food in-house.

Alex enjoyed his experience at the Trattoria so much that as he began his senior year of high school, he decided to apply to study business at colleges close to home; not only could he continue his culinary "education" on the job while earning his degree, but he could also earn some extra money while studying. 

Halfway through his college education, Alex transferred to UMass Amherst in order to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management (and continued to drive to Southborough to work at the Trattoria!). After graduating with his Hospitality degree, Alex made the switch to the front of the house and has been there ever since.

In his own words, Alex loves working for Barbara Lynch because “[he has] never been around so many passionate individuals that really care about what they are doing From prep cooks to chefs to servers to general managers, everyone is willing to go that extra mile for our guests.”