Tuesday, August 22nd
Reservations between 5 - 10pm
Chef Barbara's Sicilian Feast

4 Courses, Family-Style, $85 per person |  Wine Pairings, $55 per person*

This summer we're celebrating the flavors of Sicily.  With fertile volcanic soil, long and sunny farming seasons, and the surrounding Mediterranean, Sicilian cuisine is defined by the bounty of beautiful indigenous ingredients like eggplants, cherry tomatoes, pistachios, and countless species of fish.  Outside influences from ancient occupations (Greek, Roman, Norman, Spanish, and French) are now seamlessly woven into Sicily's culinary fabric resulting in bold, flavorful dishes.

Join us on Tuesday, August 22nd for an evening dedicated entirely to the food and wine of the region!

Please call 617.737.1234 or click here to reserve.

*Cancellations made within 48 hours are subject to a charge of $50 per person.


Join us for Barbara's feast!

Join us at Sportello for a year-long culinary tour of our favorite country!  Each season, we'll travel via Barbara's Feast to a different region of Italy, celebrating the ingredients, dishes, and wines that define the local cuisine.

The season will culminate in an evening dedicated entirely to Barbara's Feast, offering a shared evening of storytelling and armchair travel through regional food and wine.

Tuesday, March 28th:

Tuesday, June 20th:

Tuesday, August 22nd:

Tuesday, November 14th:
Emilia Romagna